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For weeks, four people whose paths have crossed only a few times have had the same exact dream. A large, burly man covered in tattoos is watching a dead channel on television. He stares straight ahead as he raises an enormous revolver to his own head and then he fires.

Later, each of the people would be visited by an animal herald who informed them of their divine parentage. The learned of the divine blood flowing through their veins and that they were in fact, scions. They also learned that they had a meeting to go to at the Elysium Hotel the very next day. Upon showing up, they were greeted by a skeletal looking man in a hoodie who directed them to the elevator.

In conference room seven, they met Loki who explained that the person from their nightmare was in fact his brother, Thor. Thor was dead. He immediately tasked the group with going to Las Vegas, Nevada to investigate Thor's murder and recover Mjolnir. He also gave them their birthrights. Along the way, they caused a town to break an oath with an ogre. This led to the town falling to drugs, unemployment and crime like it's neighbors. They've also been tasked by Coyote to help distract a pair of people from The Agency so that Coyote could hide the Alkali lake monster.

Gods and Other Things

Loki Heimdallr Coyote Charon
Thor Hades Haephestus Raven

Titanspawn and other Antagonists

The Malboro Man Ogre of Avalon Alkali Lake Monster The Agency


Tinkering Fate Binding    

Interesting Places

Elysium Hotel Avalon, Ohio Alkali Lake, Nebraska Valhallas Fallen, Motor Club
The Otherside      

Objects of Interest

Godkiller Revolver Mjolnir    

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